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Family Histories

Names and dates are nice, but we thrive on bringing ancestors back to life with a rich historical context created by the footprints they left behind. 

Onsite Research Trips

We don't just look for the records that are easy to find, we search for every possible record relevant to your ancestors to help you understand who they were. Many such records are not online. Whether we will be the one adventuring to find your ancestors or helping you plan for your own research trip, we have decades of experience to help ensure the best possible outcome for a successful trip.


 Having difficulty reading those records?  Perhaps you need a few lessons in Paleography or the study of handwriting. Even records written in your native language can be difficult to read.  

Document Translations

With thirty years of language study, we have translated thousands of records in many languages including German, French, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew.   Other languages are also available on request.  If we are unable to assist with a language, we will help you find a suitable translator or Paleographer.  We will also help you learn how to read languages upon request. 

Document Retrieval

For researchers interested in obtaining a copy of a book page, an index from a book, or an image from a microfilm or microfiche from the Family History Library that is unavailable online, or at another repository, we are happy to establish a retainer account for obtaining records. The client will provide a microfilm number or call number, and page number or item number if available. If extended research or travel is required to obtain images, please refer to our Research services. 


  • What are your rates? Hourly rates are $75
  • Will you help me do my own research? Yes, that would be done with a consultation contract in place.
  • Do I need a contract? No work is done and no retainer accepted unless there is a signed contract in place.
  • Do you require a retainer? Yes, a minimum retainer is $2000. Any exceptions need prior approval.
  • What if there are funds left over when the research is complete? All unused funds are returned to the client